Intro video

for The Library

FAQsSo, not sure what the heck this is all about?
Well, it’s 1 hour of fun like nothing else you have probably experienced.

What is an escape room?
Escape rooms started in Asia almost 10 years ago. People liked playing “Locked in the room” puzzles on the computer, but wanted a group experience and real life instead of pixels. An escape room is a specially designed environment where you have a limited amount of time to explore, find clues, solve puzzles and complete a goal.
Is this a race between people in the room?
No. This is all or nothing. You need to work as a team to get out. You will face a variety of puzzles and while you may not be very good at one type, a good group will have members that are strong in different aspects. Many skills will be required to reach the solution and “escape the room”
What do I do once the game starts?
• Look around, explore so you don’t miss important clues. Communicate with your group. If you find a clue and don’t say anything, someone else may spend valuable time in another part of the room looking for the clue you have. Remember, this is a team effort.
• If you work on a puzzle for a few minutes with no success, let someone else try. We all have strengths and weaknesses.
Are you handicap accessible?
• We do have a small step at the entrance, and the bathroom is not wheelchair accessible, but most of the puzzles in “The Library” are reachable from a seated position. The room is well lit and there are no audio clues/puzzles. If you have questions about anything specifically, please call or email us and we will work to accommodate you and your party!
What if a clue is out of reach?
Everything you will need is within reach. There is no need to move or climb on furniture or props. Nothing is hidden under the flooring or in the ceiling. EVERYTHING opens easily, if you are forcing something, either it doesn’t open or you haven’t solved the puzzle yet.
Will I be playing with strangers?
The rooms have different capacities. The Library has a max of 8 people. If you book a group of 6, there is a chance that 2 others will book for the same time and you will have more on your team. If you have less than room capacity and you want to play as one group, you will need to book the entire room (8 for the Library). PLEASE, be aware that “The Library” cannot be completed by 1 person alone. If you want to book for just one person, please make sure that you select a time where there are already some people booked in.

–2020 update: For the near (COVID-19) future, we will be booking rooms for 1 party only. You will not be sharing a room with people from outside your group. Only 1 booking will be possible for a given time slot. If part of your group books, the rest must pay on arrival as the room is locked out to further bookings.–

How many people do we need?
The Library is a more challenging room. While the capacity is 2-8 players, unless you have some escape room experience, you may want to consider a minimum of 4 people to play. You will have fun regardless, but to have a better shot at “solving” the room, more hands (and eyes) really helps!
Am I actually locked in the room?
NO! For safety sake (and for those that really gotta use the bathroom), the entry door is left closed, but unlocked. The final goal is not to exit the room, but complete a challenge. Please be aware, if you do need to step out, the clock stays running.
Do you have any age restrictions?
Our games are designed for teens and up. Younger children are certainly welcomed, but we don’t want someone young enough that they will get frustrated or bored. We want everyone to enjoy our games! (We do ask that if you have people under 16, they play with an accompanying adult.)
What do I do if we get stuck?
You will always have a game master watching and listening. They know where you are in the game and can give hints on an in-room monitor if you ask. You get 3 hints for the room, so ask wisely! All you need to do is ask out loud and an appropriate hint will appear on the timer monitor.
CoronaVirus modifications to our normal procedures
• We ask that once your entire group arrives, you all enter the lobby together. We also recommend that players wash their hands before the start of the game.

• Facemasks are required to enter the lobby. If you don’t have one, we can give you a disposable mask. If, for any reason you cannot wear a mask, we have face shields available that have been thoroughly disinfected. Once you are in the room and the game starts, you may remove your mask/faceshield if you wish, but when your game is over (or if you leave the room for any other reason), you need to put your mask back on until you leave the building.

• Rooms are thoroughly disinfected between games. Any paper puzzles are replaced and laminated puzzles are disinfected between games.

• Our employees are wearing cloth facemarks and frequently washing our hands for your safety. We are also practicing safe physical distancing guidelines.

• If, before you arrive, you feel sick, please call us to reschedule your game for any available time slots in the future.