The A Team

These guys rocked the room! 31 seconds to spare.

The Incredible Indomitable Birthday Bash Crew!

These guys made it out with over two minutes to spare! Lots of cheering when the door finally opened.

All Out of Bubblegum

These guys crushed “The Library”. They are now the current record holders with 19 minutes and 53 seconds left on the clock.

Team Librarians

5:56 left on the clock when Team Librarians left the building. Great job guys!

“These Aren’t My Glasses”

“These Aren’t My Glasses” was the smallest team to escape The Library so far. They came in as an experienced group and proceeded to knock down puzzle after puzzle and finish with 4:11 left on the clock! Great showing guys.


The McDucks officially proved that a two person team can beat The Library! Awesome job guys.

Trees Rule!

These guys had a lot of fun and could not have been closer. The door opened and the timer ran out about a second later. Edge of your seat excitement! Thanks for the fun nite guys!

Bumbling Idiots

So maybe they didn’t make it out, but they left with smiles on their faces! Fun is goal #1.

Project 21 Img

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Project 24 Img

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